J. McLaughlin Raleigh

Lassiter Mill Road, Raleigh, NC

Categories & Options: Hospitality & Retail

Clothier J. McLaughlin bought a space in a hot location, but needed to spice up the look.  The goals were to rework and improve the space to allow for retail functionality, enhance finishes to give the store a bright, vibrant look consistent with their brand, and rework the back area of the store to allow for storage, dressing and staff spaces.  Bookcases and cabinets were installed around perimeter of the space.  Accent lights were installed in the cabinets to highlight merchandise.  Track lighting and chandeliers were also strategically installed to enhance décor.  A bright and bold color scheme was applied through painted walls, ceilings and trim, carpeting, wall hangings and furniture.  The back area of the store was completely redesigned to address the need for distinct dressing, storage and staff spaces. Walls were added to separate these areas. Shelves, colorful curtains, finishes and bright furniture were added to give the store a complete and consistent look.

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